About Us


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Our vision and strategy

“Our drinks on every table” is our vision for Refresco. Although the drinks we produce for our customers do not carry our name, we take pride in the bottling and packaging solutions we provide and take responsibility for the quality of what we deliver. This vision encompasses our existing soft drinks and fruit juices proposition, but it does not limit us to this. It opens up many more possibilities. It provides the context in which we make our strategic decisions about the markets we choose to operate in and the types of drinks we choose to produce.


Our strategy is to grow alongside our customers in the markets where we currently operate, to enter new products and packaging categories in selected markets and to expand geographically. To accomplish this we focus on four strategic drivers: Customers, Geographies, Operations and People.


We aim to become the preferred supplier to our retailer customers by providing them with a full range of products and supply chain solutions in multiple geographies. To achieve this we focus on delivering high levels of customer service as well as core innovations through the introduction of new packages, flavors and varieties of soft drinks.

Branded beverage companies
We strive to expand our contract manufacturing business by developing and manufacturing new, high-quality products for our branded customers with production flexibility that enables them to utilize their assets better, expand their packaging mix and lower their production costs. In some instances this may mean acquiring their production facilities. Obtaining contracts to exclusively supply brand owners with products that they either do not have, or do not offer in a particular region, is one further driver of our contract manufacturing strategy. We will invest in new bottling capacity as needed to achieve this goal. Further by maintaining a superior asset base and certification, we intend to become the preferred partner for brand owners.


We will continue to execute our “buy & build” strategy where selective investments and acquisitions will enable us to increase our manufacturing capacity, expand our range of product offerings and grow our market share. When making investments, we do so with the intention of ultimately becoming the leading soft drinks and juices bottler in that market.


Our competitive edge is created in our operations. We will continue to invest in improving production flexibility and cost efficiencies in our manufacturing and warehousing operations, to evolve and perfect our purchasing and manufacturing processes and to invest in growth areas and countries. We also continue to seek ways to maximise utilization of production lines and to reduce logistic and production costs per liter.


We employ more than 9,500 people throughout Europe and North America. Our size brings economies of scale, but it is the ability of our people to seize market opportunities and streamline operational processes that makes the difference. Knowledge and experience are critical to good performance – equally important is the right mind-set. As an integral part of setting the future direction of the company we have defined five values to drive us forward: Entrepreneurial, Excellent, Market-Driven, Innovative and Responsible. These show what we stand for and what it is like to work at Refresco. Next to our values we are guided by our “Working together wins” mindset. We believe that all of us are greater than one of us. As a Group we work together to share best practices and experience to support each other in achieving our goals not only in the business units but at a Group level as well.